Samantha Shuttleworth

About Samantha

Make a measurable difference; for over 15 years as a Product Strategy and Product Marketing consultant those four words have become Samantha's mantra. From repositioning strategy for a major automotive brand that delivered fourfold growth and over $3b in local revenues, to go-to-market plans that put new tourism destinations on the map and created over 18,000 jobs, and a business transformation strategy for a B2B publisher to relaunch as a digital media company with x10 growth. Samantha knows what it takes to identify and create opportunities to drive long term business growth.

Product Strategy Consulting

Across discovery, development, delivery and evaluation, Samantha helps clients commercialise innovations and launch products and services that drive new revenue streams. Find out more at


An experienced presenter in boardrooms and auditoriums, Samantha is available for keynote speaking engagements for small groups to large conferences

Product Marketing Freelance

Looking for a freelancer to fill the marketing gap in product teams? Samantha works within her client teams to understand customer needs and deliver better product-market fit

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